The Department of Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara offers M.A./Ph.D and Ph.D.-only degree programs.

Building on the strengths of the department and the campus, the graduate program emphasizes the study of film from a humanistic perspective, within the broader context of global media culture. The program is designed to be:

We live at a time when the proliferation of moving images and recorded sounds are accelerating at a rate that threatens to outpace our ability to grasp and comprehend their sources, impact, and potentialities. We inhabit a region of the world where the production, distribution, and archiving of moving images have long histories and are powerful engines of economic and social change.

As film and media scholars, we investigate these phenomena from historical, theoretical, and critical perspectives and seek to prepare students for intelligent, informed, and imaginative engagement with a wide range of filmic, photographic, televisual, and digital forms.

Work by students and graduates of this program will shape our future understanding of modern media culture and the production and circulation of moving images and sounds as aesthetic, technological, economic, and social forces.