One of the noted elements of the Department is the rich sense of community that grows out of the wide selection of extracurricular activities. Many of these have a history that reaches back to the foundation of the major, but there are always new groups, workshops, screenings and journals to get involved in.


A three-day cinematography camp brings together students and working DPs, operators, grips and other members of the camera team. Over the weekend students will interact with professionals on workshop exercises and take part in in-depth seminars on lighting for motion pictures and television.

Filmmakers’ Co-op:

A club that organizes workshops to foster technical training and equipment checkout for hands on experience, festivals and talks to build a network of peers and professionals and launches fundraising events for support of equipment purchase and upkeep.

Focus Media Journal:

An undergraduate publication that spotlights some of the best UCSB student writing in the field of critical studies. Students comprise the editorial and publishing elements of the journal. A great stepping stone into graduate school or journalism.


A weekly Saturday night presentation of stand-up comedy in Isla Vista’s Embarcadero Hall. Students book, promote and participate in the show.

Magic Lantern Films:

Each week students assists and promote presentations of blockbusters, independents and foreign films. There is a classroom component to provide the students with the broader spectrum of understanding second-run theatrical presentation and art house retrospectives.

Reel Loud:

Perhaps the highlight of spring quarter at UCSB, this festival combines contemporary student-produced silent films with live stage accompaniment. This can take the form of musicians, actors, and other live elements that break down fourth wall of film presentation and create a highly entertaining night that harkens back to old vaudeville.

Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival:

Presents works of students across campus. A great way to discover emerging talent and wild experiments in short format production.

Screenwriters’ Co-op:

Creative projects grow out of weekly meetings where students present and critique their writing. The club hosts contests, guest speakers and the annual screenwriting camp, Word Farm.

The Studio:

The focus of this club centers on creating experiences that develop business skills for students looking into entering the entertainment industry. This club hosts the Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival in winter quarter.

Talent Trade:

Talent Trade is a student run conference focusing on the talent industry and the business of acting.

Word Farm

This year Word Farm, one of the most exciting events at UCSB and perhaps one of its best kept secret will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Word Farm is a student-run screenwriting workshop with working professionals from the television and film industries. Open to student across the campus, the intensive weekend will include five to seven intensive sessions working on the craft and business of writing. This year Word Farm will take place January 18-20th.