Alumni Letters

Geoff Burdick (’90):

“Thanks again for organizing the career panel event. It was great to see you, along with everyone else, and share some memories.”

Ryan Crego (‘02):

“Last year I wrapped the television special for ABC "Shrek the Halls" and I am now working on Shrek 4.”

Arik Ehle (‘00):

“I'm still at Pixar, and have been there for almost 8 years now, starting off as a Production Assistant and working my way up to Lead Animator.”

Brett Ermilio (‘98):

“I am currently working on a documentary but I have a feature film (my first) that is set for a DVD release. I wrote, directed, and produced my new film, 2 Hitmen, which is a low budget start and a silly comedy. “

Morgan J. Freeman (‘93):

“I'm currently developing my next feature with my producing partner, UCSB alum Jamin O'Brien.”

Jesse Hoy (‘04):

“Suddenly through new friends and old I found myself in a band called The Deadly Syndrome, which opened me up to all the awesomeness that I wanted to be a part of, but never thought I would be. Now with The Deadly Syndrome we've released our first record, where I've directed one of the music videos (which got a little bit of airplay on MTV), and am currently working on another. Started a mail-order-CD-Single-art project. Cutting a short-form documentary about our second trip to SXSW. Two national tours. And all of this within two years of starting the band. Of course this is just the beginning.”

Lori Huck (‘84):

“I’m a development and current programming executive at New Line Television. At New Line TV, I have worked on dozens of scripted and alternative series, including being the Co-Executive Producer on ‘Fridays The Animated Series’ for MTV, the Consultant on ‘The Secret Society’ for Lifetime, the Co-Producer on ‘Blade The Series’ for Spike TV; and the Production Executive on ‘Kitchen Confidential’ for FOX and ‘The Twilight Zone’ for UPN.”

Elisa Iovine (‘03):

“I started my career managing the office at Santa Barbara Location Services. But since than, I moved over to Marketing at Warner Independent Pictures where I assist the VP of Worldwide Marketing Operations and have worked on the campaigns for In The Valley Of Elah, The 11th Hour and Funny Games.”

Darl Larsen (’90):

“My new book comes out in late June, and is a mouthful: "Monty Python's Flying Circus: An Utterly Complete, Thoroughly Unillustrated, Absolutely Unauthorized Guide to Possibly All the References From Arthur "Two-Sheds" Jackson to Zambesi" from Scarecrow Press.”

Angela Laprete (‘86):

“Still in development of my own produced indie film called The Tattoo.”

Elana Joy Livneh Lessem (‘99):

“I am an Assistant Editor for feature films and I am working on my 17th movie, which is Star Trek.”

Matthew Mishory (’04):

“After graduating, I worked for three years in feature film and television production, as a producer, line producer, assistant director, and segment director. Just recently, I directed my first feature film. It stars Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) and Erin Daniels (‘The L Word’).”

Ronan Nagle (’95):

“The film I produced, On the Road with Judas that went to Sundance in January is screening at the AFI Film Festival too.”

Carrie L. Rosenbaum (’96):

“My major was Interdisciplinary Studies and my undergraduate work was comprised of work in film studies, political science and French. I am now a practicing public interest attorney, working in San Francisco as an immigration attorney.”

Caroline Rutter (‘00):

“My current job is working for Robert Kraft, the President of Music at 20th Century Fox.”

Clayton Sakoda (‘05):

“I want to thank the department for helping me out with the internship, the Spyglass job (which I never got, but which led to the last job I had), and just looking out for me in general. I would've never gotten the gig without you guys!”

Scott Sampila (‘92):

“I co-wrote and produced independent feature Remarkable Power! (2007) starring Kevin Nealon and Tom Arnold. The film was co-written and directed by UCSB alum Brandon Beckner, and edited by UCSB alum Eric Archer.”

Gregory Schell (’92):

“I continue to visit the Santa Barbara area often and recently finished writing an article about my formative years as a Gaucho in the early '90s.”

Ameet Shukla (‘06):

“I live in a great apartment with Colin Williamson and Greg Compton. I love living with them! I think its cool how I work with feature film production, Colin works with distribution and archiving at New Line, and Greg works with reality television. It makes the conversations at home a lot more interesting.”

Christina Trbovich (‘04):

“So, I'm worked on this film called Kite Runner. It was shot in Beijing film Studios and I was the transportation department translator. At the time, I was pretty nervous and pretty excited.”