Mona Damluji

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Department of Architecture
Designated Emphasis: Global Metropolitan Studies


2415 Social Sciences & Media Studies



Cultural Studies of Energy/Environment,
Middle East Film & Media, Urban Studies


Mona Damluji is a liberal arts educator, cultural activist and scholar with expertise in cultural studies of energy, urbanism, film and media in the Middle East region. Recently, she curated the original traveling exhibition Arab Comics: 90 Years of Popular Visual Culture and the UC Berkeley exhibition of Open Shutters Iraq. Mona has served as the educational outreach director of the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, and curates film programs on campuses around the country. Her publications appear in the Journal of Urban History, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Subterranean Estates: the Life Worlds of Oil and Gas, Ars Orientalis and on Jadaliyya Cities and Middle East Institute Insights. Mona’s exhibition and book reviews can be found on Jadaliyya, AMCA International and in the International Journal of Islamic Architecture.